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Monday, December 31, 2012

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

We like this clip. It shows Connie appearing on a TV show in Jakarta, Indonesia. It's really nice to see all those happy, smiling faces, and everybody having fun.
Connie sings her own song BEAUTIFUL WORLD, from her new album of the same name, and also the traditional song TWINKLE, TWINKLE, LITTLE STAR.

Happy New Year to everyone around the world. :)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Many New Friends

In the past few days, there have been lots of people from Indonesia, coming to read this Connie Talbot Official blog, and also Connie's Facebook page and Twitter. Connie's management would like to welcome all these new friends, and to thank you for your support for Connie.

Indonesia is a great country, and very beautiful, and Connie has really enjoyed her first visit there. She has made many new friends. We hope it won't be long before she can visit again, and maybe next time she will be able to stay longer.

Connie has felt a lot of positive emotion at the warm welcome she has received in all the countries she has visited in south east Asia during the Beautiful World tour in the past two weeks - Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia. Everyone has been very friendly and kind in every place she has visited.

Once again, on Connie's behalf, thank you all for your kindness and support.

#ConnieFriends forever :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

One Million Views for "Connie Talbot - Someone Like You - 10 weeks into playing piano"

Connie's video "Connie Talbot - Someone Like You - 10 weeks into playing piano" has been viewed more than one million times since it was uploaded on August 26th, 2011. "Someone Like You" by Adele was one of Connie's favorite songs at the time.

This was a re-upload from Connie's previous YouTube channel. It had been recorded several months before, almost exactly 10 weeks after Connie had her very first ever lesson on the piano.

This is now the 14th video on Connie's channel to achieve one million views or more.


Connie will perform in Taiwan as part of her Asia tour.
Dec 21, 7:30PM at Taipei International Convention Center (TICC), Taipei

See Connie's official Asia website for more news of the Asia tour...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Connie's "Price Tag" Video Reaches Half Million Views

Connie's "Price Tag" home video has just reached over 500,000 (half a million) views on YouTube. It was uploaded on August 27th, 2011 when Connie was 10 years old.

If you listen very carefully, you might just hear someone ringing the doorbell!

You probably will also notice that Connie is wearing a thick woolly sweater even though the video was made in the middle of the summer. That gives you some idea of what the weather in England can be like occasionally. :)

Best wishes from Connie's team :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Connie Talbot Arrives in Hong Kong

Connie has now arrived in Hong Kong for the first stage of her mini tour of South East Asia to promote her new album, Beautiful World. One of the first things she did was to tweet a photo of the view across the harbour from her hotel room.

Today, Connie will be settling in and getting some rest. Then she will be starting rehearsals for her first performance of the tour, at Windsor House, which is a 17-storey shopping and entertainment complex in the Causeway Bay district of Hong Kong. That will take place at 3pm on Saturday, December 15th.

Then it's off to the Philippines for 3 performances in different locations in Manila on the 16th and 17th. A busy schedule.

Hope she will be able to find some spare time to go shopping!

Viddy 10K

Another milestone! Connie's page on has now reached 10,000 followers. On Viddy, they write that number as 10K. This is an amazing success, and puts Connie into the top ranks on this relatively new social media platform. We are very proud of her achievement.

Connie has already made some waves at Viddy. Only last week, her videos were #1 in all the main charts on Viddy, Featured, Popular, and Trending, all at the same time!

Why not swing by Connie's page, and follow (if you're not already doing so). Also, why not watch all the viddys there? Each one lasts only 15 seconds, so you could watch them all in less than half an hour.

Which Video Has The Most Smiles?

From Connie's management team: A comment on Facebook from one of our friends, about the effect of all the smiles in one of Connie's videos, started us to wondering if we could find the answer to a very important question.

Of all the 100 or so videos on Connie's YouTube channel, which one has the greatest number of smiles?

Naturally, a question like this can only be solved by a careful and detailed observation of all the evidence. So we decided the best way was to watch every one of all the 100 or so videos, and count the number of smiles in each one. The trouble was that after a while we found we were enjoying Connie's music so much that we started to lose count.

So the question still needs an answer.

Whatever the final answer proves to be, we'd like to suggest that, of all the 100 or so videos, this next video would be definitely one of the top contenders. It's a cover made just for fun at home of "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars, who is one of Connie's favorite singers.

This video is not far away from one million views on YouTube.
Please click through to watch on YouTube, and please Comment, Like, Subscribe, and Share with all your friends. Thanks!

An interesting thing happened to this video some months ago. All of a sudden, people started to write comments sending love from their own country. It had not been planned, it was just spontaneous. This went on and on for several days, until almost every country was represented.

It was brilliant!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hopelessly Devoted

Connie Talbot sings "Hopelessly Devoted To You" from the musical "Grease", a song that was made famous by Olivia Newton-John.

Connie first sang this song in public at the age of 4, when she entered a talent contest while on a family summer holiday down in Devon. The judges were so impressed that they awarded Connie the top prize! The contest's presenter predicted that she would be performing in London's West End by the time she reached 17.

When this video was uploaded on Connie's YT channel, we were all a bit worried at first, because it seemed to be getting less views than some other videos around it. But anyway, it picked itself up later, and now it has more than half a million views!

Watch the video on YouTube, and please Like, Comment, Subscribe, and Share with all your friends :)

Over 20,000 Likes!

Connie's official Facebook page now has over 20,000 Likes!

Thank you everyone for your support :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Beautiful World Demo Video

Every single one of Connie's friends/fans is currently talking about her new album for Asia, "Beautiful World" and, as we've seen, it's starting to have some chart success already in its target area of South East Asia.

So we thought you would all like to see again the little video that started it all, so to speak. When the song, "Beautiful World", was first released as a stand alone single on iTunes, Connie made a demo video of the song with her own piano accompaniment. She also announced the release date of the single. The video was released on YouTube.

Now that a year has gone by, that little video is approaching one million views!

Wouldn't it be nice if it hit one million before Christmas? Please click through to watch the video on YouTube, and Like, Comment, Subscribe, and Share with all your friends.


Here's a reminder of the dates, times, and places of Connie's Beautiful World Asia Tour later this month.

This information also appeared on Connie's Facebook page last week.


Dec 15, 3PM at Windsor House, Causeway Bay

Dec 16, 4PM at Lucky Chinatown, Manila
Dec 16, 7PM at The Piazza at Venice, McKinley, Manila
Dec 17, 7PM at Eastwood Mall, Manila

Dec 21, 7:30PM at Taipei International Convention Center (TICC), Taipei 
Dec 27, 3PM and 7PM at The Music Zone, KITEC, Kowloon Bay

For more information on the tour please visit:

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lyrics to "Building Bridges" by Connie Talbot

From Connie's team:
Some people have asked us for the lyrics to Connie's original song "Building Bridges", the live performance of which was uploaded by Connie on her channel Connie Talbot Official a few days ago.

So here are the lyrics to the song!

Building Bridges

Maybe a stranger is a friend you haven't met yet,
Cos there's an ocean in between,
Cos there's a smile you haven't seen.

Maybe somewhere somebody's thinking 'bout you right now,
In a place you've never been,
But you've seen it in dream.

It may be closer than we think,
But we won't know till we begin.

Building bridges,
From heart to heart,
From soul to soul,
Building bridges,
So far away can be so close,
Eight billion wishes can come true,
There's always something we can do,
Building bridges,
From me to you,
From me to you.

Maybe we're different like the colors of the rainbow,
But underneath the sun,
We all shine as one.
Everywhere round the world all the walls are falling,
Through the rubble there's a song,
It's the calm before the storm.

It may be closer than we think,
But we won't know till we begin.

Building bridges,
From heart to heart,
From soul to soul,
Building bridges,
So far away can be so close,
Eight billion wishes can come true,
There's always something we can do,
Building bridges.

One blue marble lonely in the universe,
It's the same small world we're in,
So let's begin.

Building bridges,
From heart to heart,
From soul to soul,
Building bridges,
So far away can be so close.

Building bridges,
From heart to heart,
From soul to soul,
Building bridges,
So far away can be so close,
Eight billion wishes can come true,
There's always something we can do,
For building bridges,
From me to you,
From me to you,
Building bridges.

* Please note that these lyrics are the property of the composers Connie Talbot, Toby Gad, and Rune Westberg. *

Connie's "Imagine" Hits Singles Charts in Taiwan

From Connie's Team:

We just received news that Connie's single "Imagine" entered the Taiwan Western Chart (published on Dec 8th) at # 10 - below Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Robbie Williams, 1D, Alicia Keys etc

Thanks to Geoff for this information :)

Have a nice day everyone :)

Update: PS: Since we published this, we were told that Connie's "Beautiful World" album has also entered the Taiwan Western Album chart, at #7, sharing that place with the new album "Unapologetic" by Rihanna.

Thanks to Peter for this information :)

Jingle Bells

"Jingle Bells" by Connie on

Hope you enjoy it! :)

Please don't forget to Like, Comment, and Follow
by clicking through here

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Here's some good news for everyone in the USA. If you want to get the MP3 download of Connie's BEAUTIFUL WORLD album, you don't have to wait all that time till December 30th to get it from iTunes. (Actually, it's probably November 30th, but anyway, it's still not available as we write this.)

The good news is that the album is available right now from Amazon's MP3 department.


All the best from Connie's team.

New Album on iTunes

The record company EvoSound has confirmed that Connie's new album, BEAUTIFUL WORLD, is now available as a download from iTunes in Europe, South America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

iTunes customers in the USA and Canada will have to wait a little bit longer...

Meanwhile, you can order it from for free shipping to any country in the world from Hong Kong. Don't forget that all purchasers of the CD version will receive a free exclusive bonus MP3 track.

From Connie's team :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Beautiful World Arrived Today

Hi everyone, this is Simon. You may remember me - I'm one of the people on Connie's team.

I just received Connie's BEAUTIFUL WORLD album in the mail. Today is the 27th, and it was only released on the 26th, so it seems to have taken only one day to travel all the way from Evo88 in Hong Kong to reach me in England!

Evo88 say they can ship for free to any country worldwide. So if you live in the USA or Europe, you should be able to get the CD from them, just as I did. Just go to the Evo88 website - it's very easy, and you can use PayPal if you want to.

It will be on iTunes soon of course, but it's nice to also have the CD with the case and photos. And there's a book of lyrics with lots of pictures that comes with the CD.

If you can't decide between the CD or iTunes download, then why not be like me - go for both of them!

Best wishes,


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beneath Your Beautiful

Connie's upload on YouTube today of a song she learned only yesterday: Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth ft. Emeli Sande.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Busy Weekend

Today Connie was displaying on Twitter a little injury she received while playing field hockey - when she came into contact with a stick. Maybe another player thought she was the ball? It doesn't look too bad, Connie! Hope it gets better soon.

It's been quite a sporty weekend, as Connie was also watching a game of rugby, in which Ryan (her sister Mollie's friend) was playing.

On top of all this, she was keeping very busy by uploading a new Viddy, where she sings and plays piano on a performance of "Best Thing I Never Had" by Beyoncé.

Friday, November 9, 2012


Just a few days ago, Connie posted a Viddy of her singing "Skyfall" from the new James Bond film. In the movie, the song is performed by Adele during the opening credits. We hope you like it. Don't forget to follow Connie on Viddy if you are not doing so already.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Connie Talbot's Beautiful World

The record company, Evolution, has announced the release date of Connie's new "Asian album". The album is called BEAUTIFUL WORLD and it will be released in South East Asia on November 26. We understand that anyone residing outside that area will be able to purchase the album online, or as an MP3 download.

Connie has chosen the songs for the album very carefully, to be appropriate for her age, and to contain several songs by her favorite artists, such as Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Michael Jackson and others. She has also included some classic songs, and also one of her own songs, Beautiful World, in a completely new arrangement.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

YouTube View Counters

Some fans may have noticed that the view counts on Connie's YouTube channel have been stuck on the same numbers for a few days now.

At first sight, this might seem worrying. It makes you think: "Has everyone stopped watching?" Of course, it's no such thing. In fact, as long-time YT followers will know, it's one of those things that happens on YouTube from time to time.

It's similar to the so-called "301 effect", the way a new video often gets stuck on 301 views. This is because it gets views so fast that the security software panics and shuts down the counter for a while.

Connie's videos are getting a healthy number of views - they're just not showing the numbers yet.

So we suggest to everyone:

Keep Calm and Carry On!

Best wishes from Connie's team :-)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Viddy Followers

Posted by Connie's team:

Here's some news. Connie's page on is just about to hit 7,000 followers (or 7K as they call it on Viddy).

It's funny, because it seems like no time at all since the day we first announced on this blog that Connie had joined Viddy. Time flies when you're having fun!

Here's a little puzzle for our readers: Can you find the date of the post on this blog where that announcement was made? And can you calculate the average number per day of Connie's new followers since the announcement?

Best wishes from Connie's team.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Connie's New Album Almost Finished

From Connie's team:

Connie has almost finished recording her new album, and she had a lot of fun making it. We hope you guys will all have fun listening to it when it's released, and tell all your friends so they can have fun too!

On her Twitter page ConnieTalbot607 today, Connie said: "Well I have had a brilliant time recording this album and its almost finished! Time flies when you are enjoying yourself"

This weekend, Connie was putting the finishing touches to it - vocal effects, and background vocals, in which even her dad, Gavin, took part!

Here's Connie's latest viddy with producers Kipper Eldridge and Bradley Mair, showing off their amazing skills at "Double Double This".

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some More Important Numbers

From Connie's team:

Yesterday, the number of Connie's Twitter followers reached 75,000. That's a lot of people. At this rate, it won't be long before Connie's followers could fill Wembley Stadium in London to capacity! That would be when the number reaches 90,000. Can you guess what date that will be?

Answers in the comments section below please!

Congratulations to all the 75,000 followers. You have great musical taste!

Also this week, the old video on YouTube of Connie's first audition on Britain's Got Talent reached 120 MILLION views. That's like the population of an entire country (and a large country at that), but the people are spread all over the world.

That video has become almost an icon, but it is not the original copy of the audition. There was a whole bunch of copies around on YouTube at the time, and this is just the one that survived and made it to the charts. Connie doesn't own this video, so we have no control over it, but we hope you enjoy it anyway.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Connie Working in Recording Studio This Week

From Connie's team:

Hi everyone,

Connie is back in the recording studio today, and for all of the first part of this week, working on songs for her new album. She hopes to finish recording all of her vocal tracks for the album during these sessions.

After that, it will be the job of music producer Kipper Eldridge and his team to apply their skills to make the music sound as great as it possibly can. Then they will only need to put a few finishing touches on it before it goes ahead to the next stage of production.

The album, which is due for release in Asia this December, is currently right on schedule. Everyone involved has found it easy and fun to work on this project.

This is an exciting time for all of Connie's many fans, who have had to wait a very long time for a new album from Connie. It's definitely going to be worth the wait!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

More Viddys This Weekend

From Connie's team:

Connie has been hard at work making viddys on This weekend, she uploaded no fewer than four of them!

Here's a question for you: Can you guess what they all had in common?

No prizes... they all feature Connie playing guitar. (Just in case anyone thought she had given up the guitar to concentrate on piano?) Shall we ask Connie if she was inspired by the amazing guitar playing of Kipper Eldridge in their recent "Imagine" video?

With these four viddys, Connie has built up her followers even more, so she now only needs a few more to reach 5,000 followers! Tell your friends...

The most popular of Connie's viddys from yesterday is this one.
(It was also the #2 most popular viddy on worldwide within hours after upload:)


Friday, October 5, 2012

Connie Works With Award-Winning Producer, Kipper Eldridge

From Connie's manager, Rod Paul:

Hi, everyone,

Have you all seen Connie's wonderful new You Tube video where she sings IMAGINE with accompaniment by the legendary songwriter/producer Kipper Eldridge on guitar? It's one you won't want to miss.

Connie is hard at work these days with Kipper to record an album for the Asian market. She has carefully selected the songs with Ashley Whitfield at EvoSound Records in Hong Kong that will be best received by her audience in that region.

Kipper is a Grammy and Emmy winning producer and musican, best known for producing and performing on Sting's biggest selling solo album "Brand New Day", as well as the platinum albums "All This Time" and "Sacred Love".

The plan is for Connie to visit Hong Kong in December to promote the album and perform live at various venues. This will be her second trip to Hong Kong this year.

Connie is expected to be back in the studio in Los Angeles, early in 2013, working on her album with Toby Gad - another huge name in the music business.  Toby has produced for Demi Lovato, The Wanted, One Direction, Carly Rae Jepsen, Beyonce and many other major artists.

Another big event, coming up soon (November 20th) for Connie, is her 12th birthday!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Two Great New Milestones

Just this week, Connie reached two great new milestones on her social media pages.

The first was Connie's Facebook page, which reached and surpassed 10,000 likes!

The second was Connie's page on, where the number of followers showed for the first time in K numbers! The page hit the first K about 11 days ago, and has since raced up to 2.41K.

Not sure what a K number is? Well, K stands for 1,000, and that means 2.41K stands for 2,410 followers (rounded to the nearest 10). So now you know!

Well done Connie! And One K of thanks to all of you lovely people who have joined Connie's social media pages. You are all showing excellent musical taste when you choose Connie as your favorite pop music star!

See you later,


Friday, August 31, 2012

"SAIL AWAY" Preview - Connie in California video passes 500,000 view mark!

When Connie came to Los Angeles in April, we thought it would be interesting for her to record an original "Pop" song.  Noted songwriter/producer Robbie Nevil, came up with SAIL AWAY for us and on a Sunday morning, at Robbie's studio in Santa Monica, Connie stepped up to the microphone.

We all loved what we heard.  What started out as an "experiment" turned into a fun and popular song for Connie.  The little video we put together just passed 500,000 views on YouTube!

Produced and released independently, the song is doing well on iTunes and the other digital download sites.  We are starting to get radio airplay worldwide and we've made a distribution deal for the song in Japan, where Connie has many fans.  The popular teen music website TweenPopRadio has a Top 40 list and Connie has been at #1 for five straight weeks... ahead of One Direction, Demi Lovato, Maroon5, Carly Rae Jepsen, even Justin Bieber.

As most of you know, Connie has recorded 4 new songs with multi-platinum songwriter/producer Toby Gad.  Two of the songs, Connie co-wrote!  Hopefully, she will be back in the studio with Toby soon, to produce more tracks with the goal of an album in mind.

Plans are in the works for Connie to record an album for the Asian market and a trip to Hong Kong in December to promote it.

Going back to SAIL AWAY for a moment... it is really important that folks support the single by purchasing it.  Unfortunately, today, only about half of the digital downloads for songs are legal ones.  Piracy has really hurt the music industry, the artists and all of the supporting people who make music for us to listen to possible.  So, just remember how hard artists like Connie work to entertain us all and share with us their special talent.  Isn't a dollar worth it to keep the music coming from people like Connie?  If you haven't done it yet, please visit iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon or your favorite legitimate download site and do your part to support your favorite artists.

If you haven't seen the SAIL AWAY preview video yet, have a look... it's pure Connie!

Posted by Connie's manager, Rod Paul.

Monday, August 27, 2012

SAIL AWAY at #1 for 5th Straight Week!

We just received this message from our friend, YT user leon25911132 on Connie's video page
Connie Talbot Visits California - Sail Away - Preview

☼ 5th Week at N° 1 for Connie!
From Tween Pop Radio ~ "The new TWEEN POP 40 chart has just been released and for the 5th straight week the number 1 song is SAIL AWAY by 11 year old singer CONNIE TALBOT from England. Congrats to Connie and all her Connie friends. The chart is based on TPR listening activity from August 3rd through August 25th.

and this from another friend, YT user 9012505

Congratulations on your 5th week at number one on Tween Pop Radio.

Thanks to those two friends for letting us know, and thanks to all the many friends who helped Connie rise to the top of the TPR chart. You're all amazing!

You can listen to Connie's single, Sail Away, on TPR at ReverbNation

CT Official Staff

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

REACH OUT Featured on Rivenmaster's Place

Connie and Jordan's new collaboration video REACH OUT is now featured on the front page of Rivenmaster's Place!

Reach Out - Connie Talbot & Jordan Jansen NEW VIDEO!
Watch the amazing new video by two of the fastest growing young stars in the music industry! Jordan Jansen and Connie Talbot!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Connie sings for Young Voices (Playlist)

There are some new playlists on Connie's YouTube channel, ConnieTalbotOfficial. Here's the first one: Young Voices Concert Series 2011/12

The Young Voices Series in the UK is coming up again fairly soon (early December). Connie is already scheduled to star in it once again, so I just thought you might like to get some sense of the incredible atmosphere of those concerts, which play every year to full houses in some of the biggest arena venues in the UK. In this playlist you can see a few of Connie's great performances from the previous series.

Being at a Young Voices concert is an unforgettable experience for everyone - children, parents, performers, and everyone who attends. Connie described Young Voices 2011/12 as the best thing she has ever done. Considering this is from someone who reached the final of Britain's Got Talent, and also sang for an audience of 400 million people in China - that gives you some impression of how amazing it feels to be part of it.

To find playlists on Connie's channel, just go to the channel page
and you'll see the playlists in the right-hand sidebar.

Monday, August 20, 2012

SAIL AWAY at #1 for 4th Week

We are delighted to announce that Connie's single SAIL AWAY has now been at #1 on the Tween Pop Radio Top 40 for 4 straight weeks!

 Thanks everyone for listening! :-)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Some Words About the Beautiful World Contest

Here’s some words about the Beautiful World contest. 

First of all, when they told me how many people had entered, I had to do a quick double-take. I just couldn’t believe it. The response was absolutely incredible. 73 videos !! It took over five hours to watch them all! 

The thing that struck me most of all was the immense enthusiasm and dedication of every single one of the contestants. It was a very tough job for Connie to choose the winner, but she made her choice at last. Many congratulations to Viktoria! And also, loads of thanks to Connie for being the judge! 

Every entry to the contest was amazing in its own special way, and everyone brought their own individual interpretation to the song.  In fact, you are all amazing people. Connie is very lucky (and she herself knows it) to have such extraordinary people as her fans – not only the people who entered the contest, but all Connie’s fans. 

That’s why Connie likes to think of you all as, "not just fans, but friends." 

Some people have asked if we are planning to have any more contests. The answer is yes, as soon as we’ve got ourselves a bit more organized around here. We have some very cool ideas, and we’ll let you know about them when we’re ready. 

In the meantime, I’m interested to know if any of you out there has any ideas for contests you’d like to see. If you do, then the best way to reply to me is to leave a comment on this blog post, or you could send a message to Connie’s YouTube inbox. Either way, I’ll be sure to see it. I can’t guarantee we’ll be able to use all of your ideas, but we’d love to see them anyway. So get your thinking caps on!

Posted by Simon

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The River Flows In You

This is Connie's viddy of The River Flows In You.
Go to to watch more viddys from Connie.
If you visit Connie's Viddy page, please take a moment to Like, Comment, and Follow. Thanks! :-)

Best wishes from Connie's team!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Connie Talbot is on Viddy

This is just to let you know that Connie is now on Viddy.

The way we found out about Viddy was rather curious. Connie’s manager, Rod Paul, happened to be reading the newspapers one day (as you do) and he came across an article in the Los Angeles Times about a mobile app/website known as Viddy which has been attracting followers very fast recently. 

Viddy has been called "the Twitter for videos" - you follow people, they follow you, and everyone uploads videos, but they must be 15 seconds or less. The mobile app is only available on the iPhone right now, but an Android version will be ready soon, they tell us. Of course, you can always watch Viddy from a PC or a Mac, if you prefer that.

So, Rod showed the article to Connie and her sister Mollie, and they checked out the Viddy app. They thought it was a really good idea, and Connie was eager to get started with it. 

Later that day, Connie showed me her list of ideas for possible viddys. At first glance, all I could see was a page full of amazing pictures and words and colors and swirly bits everywhere. I said, “Wow, Connie, that’s a great piece of artwork! Maybe you should put it on exhibition at the National Gallery in London?” 

It took Connie a while to convince me it was actually a list. I’m sure everyone will forgive me for being a bit slow on the uptake. When I make lists, they look kind of... list-like and, well, a bit dull really. It takes some time for me to adjust to the idea of working with someone like Connie, who makes lists that look like works of art.

If you follow Connie on Viddy, you can expect to see some of the ideas on that list turned into viddys very soon. Click here to go to and watch some viddys from Connie!

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, that the LA Times article tells us that Justin Bieber has a keen interest in Viddy, and that he is giving it his full support. So, Justin, if you happen to be reading this, just to let you know that Connie Talbot is also now on Viddy, and that she supports it too!

Posted by Simon.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

We Have 20,000 Visits!!

We're very pleased to announce that this blog now has over 20,000 pageviews! We're really amazed...
When we first started Connie's blog almost exactly one month ago, we weren't sure about what to expect, or if anyone would visit. We surely did not expect to get so many people visiting in such a short space of time.

Thanks to everyone who has visited here, and given Connie your amazing support. You are awesome!

While you're here, don't forget to subscribe and/or join as a member, so you won't miss any of Connie's updates. Also we will really appreciate if you tell all your friends. Thanks!

from Connie's Team :-)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beamer Wigley

Hi everyone, just been watching Beamer Wigley's cover of Sail Away and its brilliant, my dream one day was to see someone perform one of my songs and enjoy the music and he did just that :) Also, he's amazing at guitar! Maybe one day he could teach me some guitar skills :D

Thanks for reading...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

SAIL AWAY Live on Stage

We like this live cover of Connie's song SAIL AWAY by our friend from Canada, Beamer Wigley. We hope you like it too. :-)

The Ultimate Chart Show

We just found out that there's a repeat of "Die Ultimative Chart Show" (The Ultimate Chart Show) on the RTL TV channel in Germany at 20.15 until 23.00 Germany time on Friday August 10th. (It's also repeated again later at 00.30.)

Connie appears in the show, and she sings one song. We won't tell you which song, just in case you haven't seen it yet!

Although the show lasts nearly 3 hours, it's very interesting. But if you just want to see the part where Connie appears, watch the final half-hour. If you're in Germany, you can watch on air. Outside Germany, you can watch the stream on the RTL website.

Thanks to Kim (katharinakim1000) for giving us the information. :-)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Learning Some New Things

It just goes to show, you should never think you know everything there is to know. I thought I did, but I was proved wrong when I read this new article/interview.

It's called Connie Talbot "The World's Youngest Superstar" and if you want to read it, you can find it here

It's a great article, and I learned a few things I didn't know before. So, if you want to know (among other things) what is Connie's favorite candy, and also if you want to learn a secret fact that no-one else knows about, well, I guess you'll just have to read the article for yourself! :-)


I was making some new video's with Connie yesterday where she took me by surprise and 'rapped' the whole ludacris verse of baby, Justin Bieber! Crazy Girl!


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sail Away

Thought i'd quickly share with you my brother's choice of sail away cover photo...

Love Connie ... xxx

Monday, July 30, 2012

Connie Talbot #1 on Tween Pop Radio Top 40

Last week we gave you the news that Connie’s new single had made its stunning debut at #2 (highest-ever placing for a new entry) on the Tween Pop Radio Top 40. Well, this week the news is even better!

CONNIE TALBOT “Sail Away” is now #1 on the Top 40 chart at TweenPopRadio, having knocked out Maroon 5 “Payphone” from the top spot. Connie is now placed above Maroon 5, Nicky Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, One Direction, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen…

Thanks for listening!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Connie works with Toby Gad

In June, Connie made her second visit of this year to Los Angeles, and stayed for just over a week. She spent much of the time in the recording studio, where she was working with the legendary multi-Grammy award winning song writer/producer Toby Gad.

This picture shows Toby and Connie during a break in recording sessions.

Connie also found time while she was in L.A. to visit Disneyland and other interesting places. At the end of her visit, when Connie was on her way to the airport to catch her flight home to England, we asked her what she thought was the most amazing thing that happened during her stay in America. Without any hesitation, she replied, "Definitely the most amazing thing was working with Toby Gad in the recording studio!"

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sunshine in Wales

After a very hardworking school year, Connie and her family are taking a well-earned break, on a little holiday in Wales. They spent most of today on the beach! Here's Connie, thinking about taking a dip in the ocean.

This summer, the UK has had chilly temperatures and record rainfalls. Wales is a beautiful country, with lovely people. And usually it's wetter than the Amazon rain forest.

But as soon as the Talbot family arrived there, the sun came out, and the temperature rocketed to the high nineties! How did they do that?

Must be some kind of magic! :-)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Last Day of Primary School

My last day at primary school was a rollercoaster of a day; I was excited, happy and sad all at the same time. For the whole of the school day, I was lucky enough to spend it with all my friends, listening to music, having a party and writing good bye messages on each-others shirts.

It was the best last school day I could ask for. After school, me and the rest of my friends got changed and there was a pink limo waiting to pick us up and take us out for a meal. All our families, friends and teachers were there to take photos and wave us off; even a reporter from a newspaper was there to take photos of us all. 

Once inside the limo, we all had drinks waiting for us and our favourite music playing - a medley of 2012 songs. After having a drive around, we were dropped off at a restaurant, where all our families were now waiting for us.  The meal was a nice way to sit, talk and reminisce about school. 

After getting home, I already started to miss everyone, which is why I was sad for a while, but I’ve already arranged to spend the day with everyone during the summer holiday.

That was my last day, thank you for reading, 
Connie xxx

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tween Pop Radio Charts

Hi everyone! My new single, Sail Away, debuted at #2 on TweenPopRadio's Top 40 this week. 

Highest debut ever!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Requests to Radio Disney

Please don't forget to send requests to Radio Disney to get them to play Connie's song, SAIL AWAY, on their radio station.

In the list of artists, click on "Can't find my song/artist..." (it's right there at the top of the list).
Then in the box that appears below, just type:
Connie Talbot, "Sail Away"

Then fill in your first name, age, and state, and click Submit.

Please ask your friends to put in a request too.

If all of Connie's fans make a request, and the radio stations play the song, then SAIL AWAY will have a really great chance of hitting the charts. This is a time when all of you Connie-fans/friends can help in a big way.

Remember... your request WILL make a difference!

If you don't have SAIL AWAY already, click here to download your copy now from iTunes

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tween Pop Radio

Hi everyone! I'm on TweenPopRadio :) with SAIL AWAY! 

Your Favorite Video - Results

Voting is now closed on the poll "What is your favorite video from last weekend?"
Of the 154 votes cast, the results were as follows:

1. Make You Feel My Love 55 votes (36%)
2. Fix A Heart 39 votes (25%)
3. Disneyland 31 votes (20%)
4. Payphone 29 votes (19%)

We hereby declare "Make You Feel My Love" to be, under due process, elected!

We do realize you guys were given a very tough decision to make, because they're all such great videos from Connie. But you came through it bravely, and made your choices, so we'd just like to say well done to everyone who voted!

And now we have a couple more questions for you.
1. What do you think it was about the MYFML video that made more people vote for it?
2. Would you like to see more voting polls here, on the Connie Talbot official blog?
You can put your answers in the comments section below. This is your chance to have your say. Go for it!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Hong Kong Video

New video from evosoundmusic, with a medley of some of Connie's performances in Hong Kong. We love it, and it's nice to see the happy, smiling faces of the people in the audience!

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Pleasure and a Privilege

This post is just to introduce me to the readers of this blog.

First of all, to just say I’m very conscious of what a pleasure and a privilege it is for me that I have the chance to be a contributor on the Connie Talbot official blog as an author.

I guess some of you already know who I am… I’m the guy who does a bit of helping out here and there on Connie’s official YouTube channel. You may ask, “What’s it feel like to be doing that job?”

Well, to tell you the truth… it kind of feels like…  having the best job in the world!

I bless the day I first started working with the lovely Talbot family, and their amazingly talented daughter, and so began a journey that has brought me so many joyful moments, and smiles and fun, ever since.

Connie is just a normal kid, but I believe she is also the greatest star. To quote the song – you ain’t seen NOTHING like her yet!

I’ll be posting on here every once in a while, and hopefully it’ll be something that interests you, the readers. So… see you then!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Facebook Page

Don't forget to check out my Facebook page :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

What is Connie's Biggest Video?

This is the biggest video on the Connie Talbot Official YouTube channel. It has over 23 million views and still rising. :-)

Connie Talbot - Rolling in the Deep - Adele cover/Home Video

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Connie To The Rescue

I thought I'd share a little story about Connie with you.

Recently, Connie was in Los Angeles to record with songwriter/producer Toby Gad.  After a week of long days and hard work in the studio, I thought Connie deserved a little treat.  So, on the last day she was here, I packed up the car with Connie and Sharon and our friends Jordan and Lee-anne Jansen, and we headed to Disneyland.  Everyone had a great time, but there was one little incident that sticks in my mind.  As we were walking through the park, Connie spotted a little boy, maybe 4 or 5 years old, standing in the middle of the crowd of people walking every which direction.  He was just standing there, crying, and no one seemed to pay much attention... well, except Connie.  She quickly crossed over to the little guy, squatted down next to him and asked him what was wrong.  He told her he was lost.  Connie took his hand and brought him over to where the rest of us were standing, then she ran over to a park employee with a walkie-talkie and told him about the lost boy.  Within a couple of minutes, frightened boy and worried family were reunited.  It is just a simple story, but it showed what a kind, caring and compassionate young person Connie Talbot is.

Having gotten to know Connie's parents, Gavin and Sharon, and having already witnessed several random acts of kindness involving strangers, I know where Connie gets those wonderful qualities from.

It is a special treat to be working with Connie.  She has my admiration and respect.

Nice To See You

Since this Connie Talbot Official blog was launched, it's been amazing to see how many people have visited! Thank you for coming here, and we hope you will come back often. This blog is made for you. Thanks for your support!

We aim to bring you news, stories, information, and fun stuff - with maybe a few surprises too!

While you're here, don't forget to subscribe or follow, to ensure you won't miss out on any news or updates. Please feel free to post a comment, either to say something about a post, or to ask a question, or just to say hi!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Which One Is YOUR Favorite?

You probably noticed that Connie uploaded no fewer than FOUR videos last weekend. :-)

In date order, they are:

Make You Feel My Love
Fix A Heart

Now we have a question for you!
Which one of them is your favorite?

(If you want to view them again, they are all currently in the video bar to the right of this post.)

Register Your Vote!

You can vote in the poll on the right for your favorite video of the four. ======>

Monday, July 9, 2012


Sail Away - Single - Connie Talbot

Since the karaoke version of Connie's original song SAIL AWAY has been released, we have been amazed to see so many people uploading covers of the song on YouTube! Connie is really delighted by them. She said in her recent interview with Sina, the gigantic media company from China, that it was one of her ambitions to have other people covering her songs.

All the covers are brilliant, each one in its own different way. You all did a great job!

Now the plan is to collect all the covers together on one video page on Connie's website. So if you have made a cover of SAIL AWAY, and you would like it to appear on the website, please place it on the timeline of Connie's Facebook page.

If you haven't yet made a cover, why not give it a try? Now's your chance! :-)

Connie's song SAIL AWAY is available worldwide in vocal or karaoke versions from iTunes, Amazon, or CDBaby.