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Saturday, August 11, 2012

We Have 20,000 Visits!!

We're very pleased to announce that this blog now has over 20,000 pageviews! We're really amazed...
When we first started Connie's blog almost exactly one month ago, we weren't sure about what to expect, or if anyone would visit. We surely did not expect to get so many people visiting in such a short space of time.

Thanks to everyone who has visited here, and given Connie your amazing support. You are awesome!

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from Connie's Team :-)


  1. Aww I'm so happy for you Connie, I support you forever, I love your voice and you are so kind my little angel, all my love princess ( Laurent and Kelly )

    1. I agree with you Laurent. I will follow Connie all my life. She is a my no. 1 fan

  2. Connie its been fun watching you grow up but not nearly as much fun as you have had growing up. I wish you continued success with everything you do. You really are terrific.

  3. I am not suprised. She is such a wonderfull singer.

  4. It because your blog is AMAZING! everyone must love it! :D and, I hope you like my blog :D visit please :D :)

  5. Congratulation for you Connie!I'm so happy:))) you are so awesome!:))<3<3<3

  6. Anonymous8/11/2012

    Congratulations Connie!!! Soon you will have 30,000 :) or 40,000 ....probably 100,000 :D

  7. I was not suprised one bit really , Connie is not only loved for her great voice but her personality and loving nature towards everyone , I do know true story of a person who lost their partner due to illness and was very depressed and one day was given a Connie cd from their family member , from that day on in 2008 this person has followed Connie and been to all yv concerts in the past and gonig to the next, it goes to show what one little girl but now young lady can do to peoples hearts and is probably better than any doctors treatment .