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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Which Video Has The Most Smiles?

From Connie's management team: A comment on Facebook from one of our friends, about the effect of all the smiles in one of Connie's videos, started us to wondering if we could find the answer to a very important question.

Of all the 100 or so videos on Connie's YouTube channel, which one has the greatest number of smiles?

Naturally, a question like this can only be solved by a careful and detailed observation of all the evidence. So we decided the best way was to watch every one of all the 100 or so videos, and count the number of smiles in each one. The trouble was that after a while we found we were enjoying Connie's music so much that we started to lose count.

So the question still needs an answer.

Whatever the final answer proves to be, we'd like to suggest that, of all the 100 or so videos, this next video would be definitely one of the top contenders. It's a cover made just for fun at home of "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars, who is one of Connie's favorite singers.

This video is not far away from one million views on YouTube.
Please click through to watch on YouTube, and please Comment, Like, Subscribe, and Share with all your friends. Thanks!

An interesting thing happened to this video some months ago. All of a sudden, people started to write comments sending love from their own country. It had not been planned, it was just spontaneous. This went on and on for several days, until almost every country was represented.

It was brilliant!


  1. I enjoy this much more than the original :)

  2. Connie you smile in every song you sing. Its just you. I bet you dont even know you are smiling at time you just do it. Your smile Connie make who your are for sure!

  3. Connie ,you are very talented,your voice is wonderful.

  4. Haha, porque ella es hermosa......
    Haha, because she is beautiful ......

  5. Somewhere there was a fan video with a collection of Connie's smiles. Can't find it now. Anyway, I always love listening to Connie. And I adore her new album.

  6. Connie has something that another singer doesn't...I don't really know what it is. But, somehow every time I heard Connie sings, it brings so much joy and happiness in my heart. She just has that talent. God bless her..! :)

  7. Anonymous12/15/2012

    I don't think so... video with most smiles is definitely All I Want For Christmas ! ♥