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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Many New Friends

In the past few days, there have been lots of people from Indonesia, coming to read this Connie Talbot Official blog, and also Connie's Facebook page and Twitter. Connie's management would like to welcome all these new friends, and to thank you for your support for Connie.

Indonesia is a great country, and very beautiful, and Connie has really enjoyed her first visit there. She has made many new friends. We hope it won't be long before she can visit again, and maybe next time she will be able to stay longer.

Connie has felt a lot of positive emotion at the warm welcome she has received in all the countries she has visited in south east Asia during the Beautiful World tour in the past two weeks - Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia. Everyone has been very friendly and kind in every place she has visited.

Once again, on Connie's behalf, thank you all for your kindness and support.

#ConnieFriends forever :)


  1. hello connie.. Iam from Indonesia, please follow back me on twitter @rhamDannie oke,
    thanks connie :)

  2. Hello my name is Fernanda from Mexico! I'm so glad that Connie has new friends, I am very proud of her. It was a pleasure having supported Connie throughout this year, I'm Conniefriend since last year, and is one of the most wonderful experiences I had had in my life, be conniefriend is something special, together we support Connie! More than friends, we are a big family around the world, thanks to Connie. And I hope she can someday visit my country. Latin America awaits for Connie Talbot:)

    I hope to meet you soon. My best wishes to you and you family in 2013. All my love <3 Fernanda xx Big hugs from México :)

    1. My Goddess Sri Mulyani Conniefriend from Indonesia. I strongly agree, we all have always supported connie

        because we are always happy,,
      undergo life with her songs

    2. Amazing connie your so Wonderful artist that i know :)

  3. Please visit another place in Indonesia, don't only Jakarta. I live in Lombok and I can't go to Jakarta! Please #IndonesiaTour Conn! Indonesia too large and majority of #ConnieFriends there haven't met you. Please! I really want to meet you! I miss you, I love you Conn! ♥

  4. I think for all it was a great joy and enormous impact see how many friends have Connie in Asia.

    Amazing people, full of love and affection for Connie and her parents.

    And even more,is very impressive to see the union that was made between #Connifriends from many different parts of the world.
    Is a huge pride to see what causes Connie around with his great talent and beautiful personality.
    Were intense days for all her fans, for Connie and her parents certainly more.
    And as Fernanda says Connie .... Latinoamerica awaits for you!

    My best wishes to Connie and her family for this next new year. Also my best wishes to heidi, Ryan and Minty Boy :), big and importants members of this amazing family.

    With all my love, always

    Maria Paula

    1. I totally agree with you, Maria. One of the things you mention in your excellent comment is the union between #Conniefriends. I have noticed there is much greater harmony in the community now. It is so important that #Conniefriends cooperate to help bring to the world Connie's unique message of love and hope that is in her music.

  5. I'm so happy for you Connie :)
    Thank you, thank you for visiting Jakarta
    Hope to see you again later in this year

    Your friend from Indonesia
    xx Amanda

  6. Connie you were amazing come and visit Perth, Western Australia

  7. hy connie,, saya dari indonesia,, saya sangat bagga dengan mu,,!

    saya sangat suka dengan lagu-lagu mu,,

    but,,, i love you CONNIE