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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hopelessly Devoted

Connie Talbot sings "Hopelessly Devoted To You" from the musical "Grease", a song that was made famous by Olivia Newton-John.

Connie first sang this song in public at the age of 4, when she entered a talent contest while on a family summer holiday down in Devon. The judges were so impressed that they awarded Connie the top prize! The contest's presenter predicted that she would be performing in London's West End by the time she reached 17.

When this video was uploaded on Connie's YT channel, we were all a bit worried at first, because it seemed to be getting less views than some other videos around it. But anyway, it picked itself up later, and now it has more than half a million views!

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  1. She is wonderful there is no doubt about that. You may want to check out this article as well.

    1. Múy bueno!!! gracias.
      Very good! Thank you.

  2. Hola, hace un tiempo ya que descubrí a esta bella muchachita y no dejo de mirar todos sus videos. y no me canso de volver a verlos.
    Espero poder seguir viendo esa hermosa personalidad que tiene, y si un dia no canta más seguiré siendo su seguidor en lo que haga.
    Hello, a while ago and I found this beautiful little girl and I keep watching all your videos. and I never tire of seeing them again.
    I look forward to seeing that beautiful personality you have, and if one day I will remain no more sings his follower in what you do.