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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Your Favorite Video - Results

Voting is now closed on the poll "What is your favorite video from last weekend?"
Of the 154 votes cast, the results were as follows:

1. Make You Feel My Love 55 votes (36%)
2. Fix A Heart 39 votes (25%)
3. Disneyland 31 votes (20%)
4. Payphone 29 votes (19%)

We hereby declare "Make You Feel My Love" to be, under due process, elected!

We do realize you guys were given a very tough decision to make, because they're all such great videos from Connie. But you came through it bravely, and made your choices, so we'd just like to say well done to everyone who voted!

And now we have a couple more questions for you.
1. What do you think it was about the MYFML video that made more people vote for it?
2. Would you like to see more voting polls here, on the Connie Talbot official blog?
You can put your answers in the comments section below. This is your chance to have your say. Go for it!


  1. Well, I think MYFML came out on top because:
    - It was written by a legend, making it a good match for Connie.
    - Minty was in the video.
    - The cinematography just, worked.

    And yes, I do think there should be more polls.
    Thank you!

  2. Why is "Make You Feel My Love" the most popular video? That's easy. (1) Because Minty is in it!! (2) Because Connie loves Minty so much which makes the song so appropriate. (3) Connie's precious giggle when Minty licks her face. An unbeatable combination for sure.

  3. Who thinks Sweepdirt Person is right? Or who thinks Douglas Kay is right? Or maybe both of them?

    Maybe you think something different?

    Either way, post your comment here!

  4. it is hard to vote on connie's videos. they are all so good. love to hear more

  5. Anonymous7/18/2012

    We choose that song in the pool and won! YAY!
    Why is "Make You Feel My Love" the most popular video? SOOOOOO easy :)
    1.- As Douglas said, because Minty is in the video, and certainly, Connie and Minty are an inseparable duo that will make history. And MYFML is the song she always sings to Minty
    2. And it is the first time Connie sang this song a capella and made it spectacular. This shows how much musical talent she has :)

    And we want more polls?? Of course!! :D

    Lots of love from Esperanza, Javiera and Francisca
    CoonnieTalbotFansATW Team

  6. I did vote for the winner and seeing Connie been herself been so relaxed with minty boy at home . I agree we want more voting and videos like this .
    This blog site is a very good idea and nice to see replys from admin makes you apart of the action . Well done to all working so hard to create a path for Connie