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Monday, July 9, 2012


Sail Away - Single - Connie Talbot

Since the karaoke version of Connie's original song SAIL AWAY has been released, we have been amazed to see so many people uploading covers of the song on YouTube! Connie is really delighted by them. She said in her recent interview with Sina, the gigantic media company from China, that it was one of her ambitions to have other people covering her songs.

All the covers are brilliant, each one in its own different way. You all did a great job!

Now the plan is to collect all the covers together on one video page on Connie's website. So if you have made a cover of SAIL AWAY, and you would like it to appear on the website, please place it on the timeline of Connie's Facebook page.

If you haven't yet made a cover, why not give it a try? Now's your chance! :-)

Connie's song SAIL AWAY is available worldwide in vocal or karaoke versions from iTunes, Amazon, or CDBaby.


  1. Am I your first comment? I love you!! ♥

    1. Yes, you are! Thank you ♥

  2. Hello Connie,

    As a keen blogger myself (I have five), I htink this looks great. I visit many school/student blogs around the world as part of the global classroom. A blog is a chance to share experiences in our lives or just have the fun of seeing who visits.

    If you know how or can get some help, you can add Flag Counter to your right bar. You will see the national flags appear as visitors come. Here is the link...

    You can also add a world map to see the dots appear around the world as people visit. Here is a link..

    Keep blogging. You're now part of the blogosphere. :)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  3. Hello, I loved this blog. Here's Soo, my twitter's @ConnieFriendxx . I love you Connie! I'm really sad that you forgot me.. Anyway, I wont do a cover because I really dont sing very well but everyone is doing amazing covers for you, hope you'll see all! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Thank you Connie and your family and management team for keeping us informed of your activities. Like any young lady, you need your privacy to try and live a normal life despite your fame, but we do cherish any information or thoughts you choose to share with your #Conniefriends.


  5. i want to post my cover on her timeline for facebook but will it show up on friends walls because i dont want anyone who i know to find out my youtube channel apart from really good friends

    1. Hi Kirsten, that's ok, we understand. Can you please send us a PM at Connie's YouTube channel, explaining the situation. Include your cover video, and we'll take it from there :-)

  6. Following Connies adventures around the world is so thrilling and then seeing the videos .
    The first time i saw Connie on bgt i said now theres a young lady to watch out for so i did from that day on ,but now as the likes of social sites have popped up it has made watching easy and so made Connies fans/friends grow and Connie herself is growing from a young girl with a warm thoughtful personalty who i would guess likes a good laugh ,into a young lady .
    Connie as brought much joy and happyness to a lot of hers friends and hope will continue to do so .
    Myself and my daughter who is almost the same age will follow Connie on her as will her other friends through her lifes path ,we will support her on her way and hope one day we may cross her path to say hello, like Connie says she knows dreams can come true and may god bless her always. All our love kent & Holly

  7. Hello from North Carolina

  8. hi connie plz reply to me I love you