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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Connie's Bike Ride

Just the other day, Connie decided to take a break from her busy schedule, and went for a bike ride.

On the way, she suddenly came across some cows. Connie later posted on Twitter: "...was a little scared in case they chased us ! ♥"

But luckily she didn't need to worry - the cows didn't feel like chasing anyone that day.

Twitter user Kent, @kwca6598, replied to Connie: "If you ask them to moo've away ,they may say pull the udder one :-) not too close you may get a pat on the head :-)"

Good jokes, Kent, we haven't "herd" those before! You must have "pasture" exams at the joke school! :-)


  1. I haven't "herd" those either. XD And here on Kauai where I'm from, cattle are usually separated from roads by fences, so I'm surprised that you rode past cows that roam very freely.

  2. Thank you so much for posting my tweet about the cows, I like a good laugh i hope Connie did'nt fall off her bike from laughing ,wish i could bottle her laugh for a ring tone. Many thanks kent