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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sunshine in Wales

After a very hardworking school year, Connie and her family are taking a well-earned break, on a little holiday in Wales. They spent most of today on the beach! Here's Connie, thinking about taking a dip in the ocean.

This summer, the UK has had chilly temperatures and record rainfalls. Wales is a beautiful country, with lovely people. And usually it's wetter than the Amazon rain forest.

But as soon as the Talbot family arrived there, the sun came out, and the temperature rocketed to the high nineties! How did they do that?

Must be some kind of magic! :-)


  1. Anonymous7/25/2012

    Awwwwww Awwww cute, you're having fun Connie! you're the best! I wish you well in all year in your music career! I'll always be supporting you in everything! All my love! ♥ Erik x

  2. Anonymous7/25/2012

    Great post Simon, thanks for keep us update in everything :)

    We are so glad that Connie and her family finally can have a well deserved holidays.
    And of course the sun will shine every day!! Connie is there.... Wherever the place she reaches in the world quickly becomes a "Beautiful World"
    Have fun Connie, enjoy your holidys ans thanks again for everything you do for us

    Lots of love from Esperanza, Javiera and Francisca
    ConnieTalbotFansATW Team

  3. It is Connie magic every where Connie go's it is always beautiful and sunny :)

  4. It's not magic. It's called ConnieEfect :D