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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Connie sings for Young Voices (Playlist)

There are some new playlists on Connie's YouTube channel, ConnieTalbotOfficial. Here's the first one: Young Voices Concert Series 2011/12

The Young Voices Series in the UK is coming up again fairly soon (early December). Connie is already scheduled to star in it once again, so I just thought you might like to get some sense of the incredible atmosphere of those concerts, which play every year to full houses in some of the biggest arena venues in the UK. In this playlist you can see a few of Connie's great performances from the previous series.

Being at a Young Voices concert is an unforgettable experience for everyone - children, parents, performers, and everyone who attends. Connie described Young Voices 2011/12 as the best thing she has ever done. Considering this is from someone who reached the final of Britain's Got Talent, and also sang for an audience of 400 million people in China - that gives you some impression of how amazing it feels to be part of it.

To find playlists on Connie's channel, just go to the channel page
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