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Friday, August 31, 2012

"SAIL AWAY" Preview - Connie in California video passes 500,000 view mark!

When Connie came to Los Angeles in April, we thought it would be interesting for her to record an original "Pop" song.  Noted songwriter/producer Robbie Nevil, came up with SAIL AWAY for us and on a Sunday morning, at Robbie's studio in Santa Monica, Connie stepped up to the microphone.

We all loved what we heard.  What started out as an "experiment" turned into a fun and popular song for Connie.  The little video we put together just passed 500,000 views on YouTube!

Produced and released independently, the song is doing well on iTunes and the other digital download sites.  We are starting to get radio airplay worldwide and we've made a distribution deal for the song in Japan, where Connie has many fans.  The popular teen music website TweenPopRadio has a Top 40 list and Connie has been at #1 for five straight weeks... ahead of One Direction, Demi Lovato, Maroon5, Carly Rae Jepsen, even Justin Bieber.

As most of you know, Connie has recorded 4 new songs with multi-platinum songwriter/producer Toby Gad.  Two of the songs, Connie co-wrote!  Hopefully, she will be back in the studio with Toby soon, to produce more tracks with the goal of an album in mind.

Plans are in the works for Connie to record an album for the Asian market and a trip to Hong Kong in December to promote it.

Going back to SAIL AWAY for a moment... it is really important that folks support the single by purchasing it.  Unfortunately, today, only about half of the digital downloads for songs are legal ones.  Piracy has really hurt the music industry, the artists and all of the supporting people who make music for us to listen to possible.  So, just remember how hard artists like Connie work to entertain us all and share with us their special talent.  Isn't a dollar worth it to keep the music coming from people like Connie?  If you haven't done it yet, please visit iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon or your favorite legitimate download site and do your part to support your favorite artists.

If you haven't seen the SAIL AWAY preview video yet, have a look... it's pure Connie!

Posted by Connie's manager, Rod Paul.


  1. Congratulration Connie♥♥♥

  2. Well done Connie and all the gang behind the scene's for working so hard, the music business is hard to be in but with the right team and support as we can see it will only grow to a higher following in all corners of the world.
    Connie a normal young lady but quite different in the sence we all have seen her grow and be such a fun loving and so kind hearted , Connie is one of a kind and will go down in history.
    My kindest regards kent your avid friend and follower and supporter ;)

  3. Weldone connie will connie be bringing anything out in scotland?

  4. Congrats Connie♥ Go for more views!

  5. Sail Away is a great pop song, with lots of energy and a great message. Tween's certainly love Sail Away's energetic music and their parents are more likely to let them buy the song, as it avoids “adult” themes that pervades so much of other music. Music really does help us to “sail away” from day to day issues and Connie is a master of singing songs with that special magic that makes our problems fade away.

  6. Well, I bought it & the karaoke.

  7. Congrats and Welldone Connie xx

  8. I am sure my Connie Talbot collection isn't as extensive as many of her hard core fans. I have a signed Christmas Magic cd and 15 songs from ITunes and CDbaby. Its a start.

  9. Beautiful World .... I am sure my Connie Talbot collection isn't as extensive as many of her hard core fans. I have a signed Christmas Magic cd and 15 songs from ITunes and CDbaby. Its a start.

  10. When do you come to Japan??
    I can't wait!!!
    I like your voice!!!

  11. thanks for sharing..