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Sunday, October 7, 2012

More Viddys This Weekend

From Connie's team:

Connie has been hard at work making viddys on This weekend, she uploaded no fewer than four of them!

Here's a question for you: Can you guess what they all had in common?

No prizes... they all feature Connie playing guitar. (Just in case anyone thought she had given up the guitar to concentrate on piano?) Shall we ask Connie if she was inspired by the amazing guitar playing of Kipper Eldridge in their recent "Imagine" video?

With these four viddys, Connie has built up her followers even more, so she now only needs a few more to reach 5,000 followers! Tell your friends...

The most popular of Connie's viddys from yesterday is this one.
(It was also the #2 most popular viddy on worldwide within hours after upload:)