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Thursday, October 25, 2012

YouTube View Counters

Some fans may have noticed that the view counts on Connie's YouTube channel have been stuck on the same numbers for a few days now.

At first sight, this might seem worrying. It makes you think: "Has everyone stopped watching?" Of course, it's no such thing. In fact, as long-time YT followers will know, it's one of those things that happens on YouTube from time to time.

It's similar to the so-called "301 effect", the way a new video often gets stuck on 301 views. This is because it gets views so fast that the security software panics and shuts down the counter for a while.

Connie's videos are getting a healthy number of views - they're just not showing the numbers yet.

So we suggest to everyone:

Keep Calm and Carry On!

Best wishes from Connie's team :-)


  1. Con razón siempre encontraba yo videos con 301 views y muchos mas "me gusta" jajaja, ahí el problema, muchas gracias!!

  2. No wonder I always found videos with 301 views and many more "likes" lol, that is the problem, thank you very much!